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Thousands of people in central and eastern Ohio are facing hunger. They are children, seniors, and families; they are neighbors, coworkers, and friends. When bills loom and impossible decisions must be made, food dollars are often the first to be cut. Meals are skipped. Parents go without to make sure a child is fed.

Because we don’t want neighbors in our community to face hunger, we’ve decided to take action. This year, we are forming a team to participate in the Friends & Family Fundraising program. We want to invite you to be a part of our effort. Every dollar we raise provides four meals for someone in need.

To help us fight hunger in our community, click on the "join my team" button and register. Once you join the team, you will have the chance to set up your own profile page and invite your family and friends to help. Or, you can make a personal donation to our team.

It doesn’t take a lot to make a lot of difference. Consider the following examples:

  • Packing lunch for one week instead of buying out saves $25, which provides 100 meals for a worker just laid-off from his job.
  • Renting a movie at home instead of buying movie tickets and snacks for a family of four saves $50, which provides 200 meals for a hard-working single mother and her children.
  • Cutting-out one grande coffee each week for a year saves $100, which provides 400 meals for an senior couple on a fixed income.

Thank you for your support in the fight to end hunger!

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